The Bigbelly Smart-Waste and Recycling system is a solution that helps keep public spaces tidy whilst optimising operations for cities, campuses and facilities worldwide. Councils and organisations deploy Bigbelly Solar Compactors to help deal with the common challenges of managing public-space waste. Imagine if this smart-infrastructure could also host WIFI hotspots that provide internet access to the public? This idea has now become reality with the introduction of Bigbelly’s WIFI add-on package.

Solar Bins Australia offer a standalone, self-powered Bigbelly WIFI Hotspot add-on with no plugs or wires needed and up to a 60-meter network radius of basic internet access is available to users. WIFI stations are best deployed when integrated into a larger smart-waste deployment in strategic, high-traffic areas around a city, campus or facility.

Deploying this connected-waste solution can improve the lives of citizens with digital technology while making city operational services more efficient and sustainable. The core waste infrastructure has a proven form factor and offers a multi-purpose platform capable of hosting Smart City technologies.

For more information on our Bigbelly WIFI add-on package, please speak to one of the Solar Bins Australia Team today on 1300 893 610 or [email protected]