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Nambucca Shire Council upgrade their fleet of 40 Bigbelly Solar Compactors!



Nambucca Shire Council first started using the Bigbelly solar-compacting station back in December 2015 and from this point onward the council’s fleet has continued to grow to its current total of 40 stations – currently one of the largest council fleets in Australia! Last week saw an upgrade of the council’s remaining BB4s (an older Bigbelly model) to the most up-to-date BB5 model, with the installation of 15 brand-new Bigbellys. The new stations have been distributed throughout the areas of Nambucca Heads, Macksville and Bowraville with the aim of creating a more productive and efficient waste management system.

The aptly named Bigbelly not only compacts and holds 5 times more waste than a standard wheelie bin, it then sends the user a text or email to let them know it is ready for collection. Before Bigbelly installation, Nambucca Shire Council were collecting their bins 7 times a week. Currently they are only collecting an average of 4 times a week and this figure is continuing to decrease meaning huge savings for the council in terms of labour, fuel & operational costs.

Nambucca Shire Council were even awarded Highly Commended in the Hey Tosser Litter Action Awards category of the 2016 Keep New South Wales Beautiful Blue Star Sustainability (Regional) Awards. The Blue Star Sustainability Awards have grown out of the iconic Sustainable Cities, Clean Beaches and Tidy Towns award programs. Having such a progressive region council being recognised by such a premier organisation for litter reduction and environmental sustainability was a momentous occasion in the journey of smart waste here in Australia.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Nambucca Shire Council and ensuring that they continue to benefit from an optimised smart waste management system for many years to come.

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University of Illinois at Chicago, the first state university in the cooperative to take advantage of the contract, is deploying a fleet of 116 double high capacity compactors for trash and single-stream recycling across campus

Needham, Mass., October 16, 2017 – Bigbelly, Inc., the world leading Smart City Solutions Provider specializing in smart waste and recycling systems, today announced that it was awarded a contract with the Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative (IPHEC) – the contracting vehicle for all 13 Illinois state universities – valued at $5.7 million. Under the contract, Bigbelly will provide access up to 500 Bigbelly smart waste and recycling across any and all of the universities.

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is the first cooperative member to take advantage of the contract. UIC is expanding an existing base of sixteen high capacity compactors for waste and single-stream recycling in eight locations on campus with an additional 100 components. Fifty spots in the high pedestrian traffic areas of the East and South ends of campus will house the new Bigbelly units.

Carly Rizor, Director for the Campus Grounds Department noted, “Bigbelly allows us to assign our crews more efficiently because waste collection takes much less time. We are able to divert employees to other much-needed assignments across campus and improve productivity.”

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New York look to the Bigbelly Solar Compacting Bin to help rid the rodents!



The city of New York has a $32 million grand-plan to assist in resolving their ever-growing rat problem, Mayor de Blasio announced on Wednesday. The city is buying 336 Bigbelly solar-powered waste compactors, which will keep the rats out with a mailbox style opening and compacted waste which is stored safely inside the bin. The Bigbellys will be distributed between the three areas with the most rat complaints — Chinatown, the lower East Side and East Village in Manhattan, Grand Concourse in the Bronx, and Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn.The aim is to reduce the city’s rat population by 70%!

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Bigbelly Solar Compacting bins are a hit at Sydney music festival!



Written by Alex McCarthy – Project Administrator at Solar Bins Australia

Bigbelly is a solar-powered waste compactor that is revolutionising waste management worldwide. Once the rubbish inside a Bigbelly reaches a certain level, sensors inside trigger a compaction. This means that by the time the station is full, the total volume captured is 5 times more than that of a 120L wheelie bin! The Bigbelly even lets you know it is ready for collection via form of a text message or email, meaning collections only need to be made when a waste station is full. How’s that for intelligent waste?

This year we had the absolute pleasure of being a partner at Eastside FM’s Global Rhythms Festival 2017. On Sunday 24th of September the festival, located in Glebe, celebrated its 5th year of exciting music, beautiful food from around the world, environmental workshops and kid’s activities. We were privileged enough to deploy 4 of our Bigbelly solar compacting stations around the festival grounds to see if we could assist in reducing the impact of waste during the event and improve overall sustainability. This was the first Bigbelly deployment for festival use and we were blown away with the feedback and results.

Tony Smythe, Managing Director of Eastside FM Radio reported to us that he “could not have been happier with the way in which our festival patrons utilised the Bigbellys and helped reduce the impact of waste on our music festival”. Tony also highlighted a reduction in both the total quantity of waste stations needed and the collections that were made during the festival, he stated that they “reduced the number of regular bins required and instead opted for a much larger bin which was then positioned out of view”. Furthermore, he “estimates that for a crowd of 2000 people over an 8-hour event we only needed to empty our Bigbelly bins 8 times in total including the bump out when the bins were prepared for return”.

The Bigbelly Solar Compactor is a perfect asset to any festival as it can also be wrapped in custom artwork by our innovative graphic design team. Mr Smythe said that he “loved the way in which the Bigbelly bins were designed to match our festival artwork and highly recommend their usage for any other festivals wishing to make their event more sustainable.”



We are delighted with the feedback that we have received and very much look forward to partnering with Eastside FM again at Global Rhythms 2018!

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Singapore brings WIFI to Smart Bins


These bins are unlike any you have seen. They are “smart”, act as Wi-Fi spots, send alerts when they need to be cleared and can show you where to shop.

Ten of them have been placed along a 500m outdoor pedestrian walkway between Wisma Atria and Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road, in a three-month pilot trial launched yesterday by technology firm Terra Sol and the Orchard Road Business Association (Orba).

The 1.3m-tall Bigbelly smart bins will be up and fully running by the end of the week.

Each has a compactor that can crunch rubbish, giving it eight times the capacity of a normal bin.

And when these bins start to fill up, their sensors can detect it and send e-mail or text message alerts to their cleaners’ mobile phones.

Imported from the United States, the bins are also solar powered and self-sufficient when it comes to energy. They can store power for periods when there is no sunlight.

Shoppers will be able to log on to the bins’ Wi-Fi network, which is provided by StarHub, using their Facebook or Weibo accounts.

A bin’s Wi-Fi has a coverage radius of 30m and surfing speeds of between 10Mbps and 20Mbps. This is faster than [email protected], which has a surfing speed of up to 5Mbps.

The bins let you surf the Web for 15 minutes after which you must log in again.

The free Wi-Fi will be available from 11am to 9pm daily.

Those logged on to the Wi-Fi network may see advertisements from retailers located close by popping up on their screens.

Steven Goh, executive director of Orba, said these higher-capacity bins could reduce litter on the floor while providing retailers another way to promote their brands.

“The hot spots will improve the visitor experience, especially for tourists using Wi-Fi,” he added.

Thanks to compacting, these bins may need to be cleared just once a day, said Jason Kumar, co-founder of Terra Sol.

A 125l Bigbelly smart bin with sensors costs around $3,000 – not including other features like Wi-Fi.

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The City of Port Phillip have joined the Bigbelly Solar City Movement

The City of Port Phillip has joined the Bigbelly Solar smart city movement with the deployment of our solar powered compactors around Port Phillip including Port Melbourne and St. Kilda Pier. The deployment is focused on analysing the durability and efficiency of the Bigbelly smart waste system and how it can benefit the City’s waste management teams.

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Solar Bins Australia Smartsensor ultrasonic sensor and software management system

Australian owned, designed and manufactured, the Smartsensor ultrasonic sensor and software management dashboard enables waste managers to gain a bird’s-eye view of their waste network, know the fullness levels of rubbish bins and report clearly and accurately in real time.

The sensor device, which is attached to the inside of any rubbish bin or waste container, transmits real-time data on fullness levels of the rubbish bin. The system includes a dedicated rubbish bin mapping and monitoring app and dashboard to map, monitor and maintain every bin and waste management asset deployed within the user’s waste management region.

Using the power of ultrasonic sensors, 3G communication, dynamic dashboards and fullness level alerts, Smartsensor has been created to provide users with deep insights to every rubbish bin deployed in an area, town or city.

Features include: reduce both time and cost in waste management; know the fullness level of all bins, at every moment; monitor rubbish bins and plan routes, no overflowing bins; send up-to-the-minute reports and directions to drivers; comprehensive reporting and analytics tools; software as a service, cloud hosted, scalable and secure; access detailed and historical reports; access from any web-enabled browser or via the app; and Australian-based support and help desk.



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Waste Management reinvented. Now a local at Australia’s most famous beach.

Bondi's Solar Bins… Waste Management powered by the sun.

Each year more than 2.2 million people visit Bondi Beach where waste collection is a huge undertaking for the council’s waste management team. As Australia’s most famous beach its often the first port of call for backpackers, billionaires, surfers and sunbathers – with Bondi's golden sands and clear turquoise waters, it never fails to impress. Waverley Council has now deployed 42 Bigbelly Solar compactors across Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction.

Posted by Solar Bins Australia on Sunday, 4 June 2017


Each year more than 2.2 million people visit Bondi Beach where waste collection is a huge undertaking for the council’s waste management team.

As Australia’s most famous beach its often the first port of call for backpackers, billionaires, surfers and sunbathers – with Bondi’s golden sands and clear turquoise waters, it never fails to impress.

Waverley Council has now deployed 42 Bigbelly Solar compactors across Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction.

Holding more than 5 times the amount of rubbish of an ordinary 120L rubbish bin the Bigbelly is the latest in waste management technology.

As the Bigbelly fills up there is a sensor inside which senses the fullness level of the bin. When the rubbish reaches a certain point, it compacts the rubbish, right here at the shore line. The Bigbelly then sends a notification to waste collectors telling them when to collect.

Waste Management reinvented. Now a local at Australia’s most famous beach.

To find out about the Waverley Council’s newest Solar Bins visit Bondi or go to


The Great Ocean Road to Smarter Waste Management…


Recently we had the pleasure and privilege to deploy our Bigbelly Solar smart waste management solution along the Great Ocean Road of Australia.

The deployment for Surf Coast Shire in Lorne, Victoria was representative of a series of firsts for Smart Waste in Australia.

Firstly, the deployment was centred around a public tender released in 2016 by Surf Coast Shire. It was the first Smart Waste tender ever to be released in Australia and it was this release and our ultimate success in that has become the foundation for many other communities to begin seeing the benefits of smarter waste management.

In 2015 Surf Coast began trialling two Bigbelly Solar Compactors with Solar Bins Australia and the success of these in improving collection efficiency, gaining deep waste data and reduced complaints from the public over the 12 month trial led to the tender process.

The release of tenders for smart waste management systems such as Bigbelly and Smartsensor highlight the evolving landscape in waste management, smart cities and the ever increasing integration of smart waste technology here in Australia.

Secondly, the deployment at Surf Coast is currently the largest multi town deployment for a regional council in Victoria and with this deployment have been able to link three regional towns with Bigbelly technology in order to provide deep insights to waste collection teams and council.

With a minimum of 46.8 km round trip between these three towns, it means a vehicle is travelling more than 150 times a year to empty bins, causing environmental damage, pollution and impact to the communities roads can now be reduced significantly.

Thirdly, with our partnership with Greenfleet we will be offsetting 64.32 t CO2-e of emissions generated from Surf Coast Shire’s waste collection through the planting of native trees planted in biodiverse forests. Solar Bins Australia has partnered with Greenfleet to offset further emissions caused from waste management collection of our clients. The first offset waste management hardware and data platform in the country… possibly the world.

With Lorne, the Great Ocean Road and the Surf Coast region being such as key tourist destination for the community, the eyesore of overflowing standard bins is one that the financial impacts cannot be measured. I mean how to you measure the impact of a tourist returning to their home country saying “We loved Australia but it was so messy. We loved Australia but there is litter everywhere.”

Now it’s not always the public that are causing the mess. Sure the public who are consuming and disposing, but often other factors are causing waste management issues.

Such as in Surf Coast Shire’s case of the Wild Sulphur-crested Cockatoos have become a nuisance, particularly in coastal towns. Cockatoos are opening rubbish bins to forage for more food and spreading litter. This is often the result of the public and tourist “feeding the birds” which leads to them becoming lazy and demanding. From all reports from public, shop keepers and Council, our successful 2015 trial of the a Bigbelly DUO Station at the front of a fish and chip shop in Lorne eradicated the problem of a) Rubbish Overflow and b) Cockatoo Deep Dives

Finally, the deployment at Lorne was the first for any Australian Council to offer the real estate available on the Bigbelly to be utilised by a Community Information Centre. The Lorne Visitors Centre was able to display center opening hours, the story of The Great Ocean Road and details of the local tourist experience that is available to visitors. The result? Clearer signage, clearer pathways and a more engaged community.

With the recent release of a handful of Smart Waste tenders by Australian Councils we are seeing Smart Waste move from Proof of Concept phases with Councils to pivotal foundations of their waste management network, now and for the future. It is this belief and engagement of our technology that will drive efficiency in waste management operations and help our communities to become smarter.

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Wyndham welcomes Solar Bins

It is with great pleasure we announce that Wyndham City has joined the Solar Bins Australia family with the deployment of 32 Bigbelly Solar Compactors in Werribee and Point Cook. The deployment is one of the largest Bigbelly deployments in regional Victoria and paves the way for the region to lead Australia in smart waste management.

Check out the press release from Wyndham City’s website…

Get ready to have your rubbish crushed! Wyndham City has become one of the first municipalities in Victoria to introduce an innovative new tool that will help to make our municipality more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Smart bins that can hold up to 600 litres of material – five times the capacity of the average bin – will be installed in the Werribee City Centre and Point Cook Town Centre.

Featuring solar panels on top, the bins automatically crush rubbish and recycling, compacting it so that they can hold much more than standard bins.

Wyndham City’s Environment and Sustainability portfolio holder, Cr Heather Marcus, said the smart bins were just one of the ways Wyndham was using innovation to tackle environmental issues.

“I’m very excited that Council is installing 32 smart street bins throughout Werribee and Point Cook and offering more recycling options for our residents. This just the beginning of what we’ll be doing to help our local environment and we’ll be working closely with the community to make a real difference,” Cr Marcus said.

“These self-compacting street bins can hold five times more rubbish than our existing bins. They can also notify Council staff when they are full and need to be emptied. This creates an environmental benefit because it means they can be emptied 80 per cent less often. Less trips by garbage trucks means less pollution in our local environment.”

“The bins are powered by solar panels on top of them, which are so energy efficient they can continue working even on cloudy days.”

“Wyndham City recently became the first Council in Victoria to introduce reverse vending machines that reward people with vouchers for recycling. Like the reverse vending machines, these new smart bins will have real benefits for our local environment and residents, while also helping to encourage residents to dispose of their rubbish correctly.”

The smart bins are expected to be installed by the end of May, 2017. For more information visit

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