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An Appetite for compaction

Waste Management Review, October 2015 – Solar Bins Australia’s founder and Managing Director, Leon Hayes sits down with Waste Management Review to discuss the grow of Smart Waste technology across Australia and how Solar Bins Australia are leading the way in the industry. With growth across all states of Australia the Bigbelly continues to make a positive impact on waste management in Australia.

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Waste Management Review - October 2015

Melbourne CBD’s top 10 rubbish locations

Melbourne, VIC – August 13, 2015 – Overflowing rubbish bins will soon be a thing of the past in Melbourne’s CBD with the announcement today by Lord Mayor Robert Doyle that Solar Bins Australia will be deploying Bigbelly Solar Compactors across Melbourne’s highest foot and rubbish traffic locations.

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The Age - Aug 13 2015Melbournes Top 10 rubbish locations

Noosa Council to trial solar-powered litter bin

Brisbane Times, Thursday July 2, 2015 – Noosa Council will step up it’s focus on sustainable waste management with a trial of a BigBelly Solar Compactor. The trial will target the problem areas over flowing rubbish bins, collection frequencies and waste management complaints.

PRESS - Article from Brisbane Times - Noosa 020715


Noosa Council to trial the BigBelly Solar Compactor

MySunshineCoast, Wednesday, June 24th 2015 – Noosa Council is set to trial the BigBelly Solar Compactor with an announcement from the draft budget to be adopted on the 29th of June 2015.

The region is set to trial the station to assess the timeliness, efficiency and potential cost reductions of a larger roll out.


ARTICLE - Noosa Council to trial Solar Bins

Could solar powered rubbish bins be coming to Hume?

Leon Hayes, Founder and Managing Director of Solar Bins Australia recently spoke to 3AW Breakfast host’s Ross and John on the news that Hume Council could be looking at trialling the BigBelly Solar compactors and the benefits it would have to local residents.



Bin to the future and its not rubbish…

Hume Leader, Tuesday, April 28th 2015 – With Solar Powered rubbish bins being considered by various Victorian councils, The Hume Leader interviewed Councillor Casey Nunn and Solar Bin’s Australia’s Managing Director Leon Hayes on the changing face of Australian waste management.

Leader Newspaper - Bin to the Furture - 28 April 2015