Cleaner public spaces for LYNX Public Transit Riders


  • High costs of waste collection
  • Overflwing waste bins in heavily traffied public spaces
  • Negative public feedback around collections


  • Bigbelly CLEAN Management Console provides insight into operations
  • Bigbelly smart collection stations compact and contain waste


  • Weekly waste collections reduced from 5 or 6 to 1 per week
  • Windblown litter and animal problems eliminated
  • Improved community relations

"Before Bigbelly we had issues with animals, wind and trash, and I was getting complaints every other day. Now I get phone calls praising the new system."

Jeff Reine, Orlando LYNX
Capital Improvement Project Manager

Cleaner public spaces at Orlando LYNX.

Central Florida Regional Transportation provides public transportation services for several large counties in Central Florida. The authority operates a fleet of 270 buses and carries nearly 30 million passengers per year. LYNX was hampered by litter problems caused by overflowing waste bins at its busier bus stops and passenger terminals. Unsightly wind blown trash was attracting birds and rodents, and drawing neighborhood complaints.

Jef Reine, Capital Improvement Project Manager for LYNX, turned to Bigbelly to address the situation. Reine was well aware of the benefits of Bigbelly’s smart Waste and Recycling System. The City of Kissimmee, which LYNX serves, and the transit authority for nearby Tallahassee are both satisfied BigBelly customers.

"We had issues with animals, wind, house-hold trash. Now it’s out of sight, out of mind. We know it’s compacted and not blowing around."

Jeff Reine, Orlando LYNX
Capital Improvement Project Manager

After a successful pilot program, LYNX deployed Bigbelly’s smart Waste and Recycling System to enhance the cleanliness and appearance of its 70 busiest stops and terminals. The cloud-based solution gathers and analyzes data from smart collection stations, providing real-time alerts, live status displays, and historical reports that help Reine optimize operations and eliminate waste.

Bigbelly high-capacity compacting waste stations eliminate visible waste and windblown litter. And the CLEAN Management Console provides complete visibility over the entire operation so bins are only collected when full. With Bigbelly, pickups at the authority’s busiest stations were reduced from fie or six times per week to once per week. The solution reduces operations costs and enables Reine to ensure contractors are meeting contractual obligations and charging properly for services.

Bigbelly helped Central Florida’s regional transit authority make litter, pests, and public concerns a thing of the past.