Cleaner public spaces in the City of Salzburg


  • Overflowing waste bins in public spaces
  • High weekly collection frequency


  • Bigbelly CLEAN Management Console provides insight into operations
  • Bigbelly smart collection stations compact and contain waste


  • Weekly collections reduced from 4 times per day to once every second day
  • Significant fuel savings and GhG emissions
  • Significant labor productivity gains
  • Quality of life improved with public space beautifiation

“Public reaction has been very positive because, among other things, the waste is contained inside and out of sight.”
Michael Wanner
Director of Road & Street Cleaning
City of Salzburg

The fourth largest city in Austria, Salzburg is a historic alpine city with an internationally re-nowned “Old Town” (Altstadt) section recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.With all the welcome commercial activity and tourism, keeping Salzburg clean and beautifulcan be difficult. Prior to Bigbelly, close to 2,000 trash cans were scattered across the city,many of which were serviced three to four times every day. During events, keeping the city clean required extra receptacles at high-volume locations and increased collection trips.

“The system speaks for itself in terms of environmental benefits, as a solution that will save a very significant amount of vehicle travel and resulting greenhouse gas emissions, as well as freeing up work capacity for other high priority tasks.”
Michael Wanner
Director of Road & Street Cleaning
City of Salzburg

Salzburg faced two issues that led to deployment of the Bigbelly smart  Waste and Recycling System. Director Michael Wanner pointed to overflowing bins as the number one problem. Atone point, Salzburg even considered the use of larger receptacles but did not want to en-courage the dumping of household waste. Wanner was dealing with three to four collection trips per day and the associated labor, fuel and vehicle wear and tear which he described as a“significant city expense.”The City deployed the Bigbelly smart Waste and Recycling System in the busy downtown district to solve their waste collection challenges. Bigbelly’s cloud-based solution, the CLEAN management console, gathers and analyses data from smart collection stations, providing real-time alerts, live status displays, and historical reports that help Salzburg optimise operations and eliminate waste. CLEAN lets the city know when to collect the stations and when todeploy labor on other projects.After a few months, city officials concluded that the Bigbelly solution had satisfied their criteria for success: it reduced collections, it reduced litter in the public space, and generated positive public responses. The BigBelly solution is helping to make this landmark European city cleaner and more efficient, at a net cost savings.