Our team recently had the pleasure of deploying Bigbelly stations at the City of Kwinana, south of Perth in Western Australia.

Take the time to take a look at the article that was featured in the Weekend Courier.

TWO cities with more than 65,000 dwellings certainly can churn out a lot of waste.

Both Cities: Rockingham and Kwinana supply those dwellings with at least two bins; with Rockingham recently issuing a third bin.

Recycling is not just good for the environment but is proving a useful resource.

The City of Kwinana are taking some innovative approaches.

Mayor Carol Adams said they are currently trialling two ‘solar bins’ at the Kwinana Adventure Park. “We’re using solar options wherever practical, including new automatic solar bins,” she said.

She said as the bin fills special sensors are triggered which start the compactor. The bins send text messages to caretakers when they have compacted full and ready to be emptied. “Waste education is one of our top priorities,” she said.

“The City has introduced new initiatives including a new dedicated Waste Education Officer and introduction of community and school tours of the Regional Resource and Recovery Centre (RRRC) recycling facility,” she said.

A new bin tagging program would start later in the year to gather information on people’s recycling habits. Kwinana has two bins: a general waste 240 litre green lid bin and a 240 litre yellow lid recycling bin.

The City of Rockingham’s three bin system caused some trepidation. The general waste bin shrunk to 140 litres while the recycling bin grew 240 – 360 litres and the third bin is 240 litres for green waste. Comments on the City’s face book page ranged from fear at the bins shrinkage to others who enjoyed having a third bin.

Read the rest of the article here – http://www.communitynews.com.au/weekend-courier/news/cities-of-rockingham-and-kwinana-well-equipped-to-keep-up-with-recycling-demand/

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