12 months ago, Solar Bins Australia partnered with the largest institution of higher education in Western Australia, Curtin University, and installed 2 Bigbelly Duo General Waste and Recycling Solar Compactors in different high-trafficked locations on the University Campus. The Bigbellys were installed with the aim of providing a smarter, more sustainable waste management system to students and visitors.

Since installation, the smart waste stations have compacted their way through over 100,000 litres of recycling and general waste. Furthermore, average monthly waste collections on campus have been reduced by 90% which has enabled huge operational savings for the University. Due to the success of initial smart waste installation, Curtin added to their fleet by installing another Bigbelly Duo Solar Compactor on campus earlier in the year.

So how does a Bigbelly work? The Bigbelly uses the power of the sun to charge a 12-volt battery which powers a compaction unit inside of the station. This means that as waste fills up inside of the bin, it will eventually reach two, fill-level sensors that are located on either side which in turn trigger the compaction unit to squash the collected waste.

The result is that the Bigbelly can collect 5 times the amount of waste as a standard 120L wheelie bin.

The Bigbelly then notifies the collection team when it is ready for collection via text or email notification, meaning that the bins only need to be emptied when they are full.

As well creating a more efficient waste management system, Bigbellys also keep waste contained with the flagship hopper design which means waste overflow is prevented as well as pest access and wind-blown litter. The hopper design is also paramount in ensuring that members of the public are safe and without access to the internal compactor at all times.

Our latest BB5 models are now also being shipped with a hopper sensor as standard. The addition of a hopper sensor means that that the hopper is now able to collect critical data about the station such as how many times the hopper has been opened each day, or if there have been any hopper jams etc.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Curtin University and for assisting them in maintaining an optimised, smart waste management system for many years to come.

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Thanks in advance.