BigBelly Solar – Delivering savings network wide

The BigBelly Solar system is not just any old rubbish bin. It is the beginning of a smart, wireless and integrated system that can assist your business in saving more than just money. Imagine identifying extra resources that you could return to your business. Imagine reporting annual, year on year savings to your team. With a BigBelly Solar network all of this is possible.

Time Management – We maximise productivity

By installing a network of BigBelly Solar compactors we will help your waste management teams maximise their productivity by knowing exactly where and when they need to empty the bins in their network. Further to this, your team will need to service the network less often as our bins compact rubbish by up to 5 times that of a normal receptacle. The choice is clear.

Consultation – Let us help you increase returns

Our networked system works to ensure you harness the knowledge and data our team has in conjunction with the real time information generated from your network. We will work behind the scenes to assist your team in collecting and collating historical data. We will then optimise your network to ensure you understand where every dollar is being spent and where to identify savings.

Quality and Safety – We exceed the standard

Our systems and processes ensure that you and your business receive the highest level of quality products and servicing, Australia wide. We work to the highest safety levels when onsite and are happy to complete all of your required inductions and safety measures before arriving on site. Working with our team means working with professionals.

BigBelly purchasing – We deliver and install

The team at Solar Bins Australia is able to work with your purchasing department to ensure we deliver you the latest generation Solar Bins to your locations, Australia wide. From urban environments to remote mining towns, our team is experienced in delivery, installation and servicing Australia wide. Talk to one of our team today for a free consultation and system quote.

Financial focus – We can help get you on track

BigBelly Solar networks around the world are returning significant savings and financial benefits to network owners. We have a range of options to help you fund the system including outright purchasing, leased networks, rental and trial networks. Not only is our system cost effective but the ongoing returns include reducing in labour, fuel & operational costs.