The Bigbelly Security System prevents access to Bigbelly stations and alerts authorities via email or text if a station is breached. The system saves operational time and costs by eliminating the need to remove Bigbelly stations during special events such as Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Sporting Events and annual celebrations.

The Bigbelly Security System consists of two components – the Security Management Module that enables operations to set up and manage security events and physical Security Plates that prevent access to the stations.

Security Management Module

deliveryThe Security Management Module resides within Bigbelly’s CLEAN    Management Console and provides the following functionality:

  • Event Creation – Create and easily add or delete stations from a security event.
  • Event Scheduling – Stations are automatically placed into and removed from Secure Mode based on the specified event start and end time.
  • Security Notifications – Security Notifications can be sent to any staff or law enforcement personnel.
  • Security Dashboard – Easily monitor and manage security events.
  • Security Plates – Security Plates are installed during special events to prevent access to Bigbelly compacting or non-compacting stations. Custom graphics can be added that communicate that the stations are out of service.

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