• Galvanised sheet metal steel interior and exterior construction (recycled content)
  • Heavy duty plastic side panels (recycled content)
  • Exterior Finish: Polyester TGIC powder?coat finish

Internal Bin

  • Low?density polyethylene plastic leak proof bin
  • Lift Arm designed for Australian market
  • Fixed wheel system
  • Moulded handle
  • Made from recycled content
  • CE approved
  • RoHS compliant

Compaction Features

  • Compaction Force: 570 KGS
  • Cycle Time: 41 seconds
  • Motor Size: 1/6?HP DC gear?motor
  • System Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Drive System: Gear?motor with chain drive
  • Fully automated, IC processor controlled system
  • 3?color LED status lamps indicate compacted trash level, machine status and error codes

Photovoltaic System

Polycrystalline silicon cell module Nominal Output: 30 Watts Shock?dampening mount system

PV panel protected by polycarbonate bubble Spill?proof, sealed maintenance?free 12V battery Charge maintained by Pulse Width Modulator