Visibility & Accountability

The centerpiece of BigBelly’s smart Waste and Recycling System, the cloud-based CLEAN Management Console gives you full visibility into your entire operation, helping you maintain a cleaner, more attractive environment; more efficiently and cost-effectively. Proactively manage your space with CLEAN.

The BigBelly smart Waste and Recycling System gathers, consolidates and analyses data from smart collection stations, providing real-time status, alerts and historical reports that help you optimise operations and eliminate overflowing and visible waste. The fully integrated system delivers a concise, up-to-the minute view of your entire environment, helping you beautify your space, streamline operations and contain costs.

Interactive Status Maps

At-a-glance visibility into the real-time status of your entire operation– station location, type, fullness level, operational state

Real-time Status Reports

Operation-wide summaries and detailed per-station statistics Efficiency Reports Historical graphs and charts for tracking operational performance and collection efficiency

Daily Collection Digests

Daily collection activity and analysis Notifications and Alerts Notification and logging of critical station events i.e. open door, low battery, communication errors, alert history, communications, collection history, collection amounts, collection frequency, to the minute collection time and more!

Heat Maps

At-a-glance visibility into utilisation and collection trends for planning capacity and optimising station placement

Station Management

Remote station monitoring and maintenance tools all online and accessible worldwide, 24/7.

Email and Alert Integration

Forward alerts and messages as email, text message or API feed direct to your current software.