The Smartbelly smart waste and recycling system are rubbish bins comprised of completely customisable components to suit your waste management requirements. Separating and monitoring collection levels of you recyclables at point of collection has never been easier than it is today with the Smartbelly bins.

Inside each Smartbelly is a fullness sensor which reports back data on the volume of recyclable rubbish collected and when the stations needs to be collected.

Each Smartbelly rubbish bin can customise the hopper in let for paper, cans, PET bottles, plastics or glass.

SmartBelly Solar Rubbish Bin benefits

SmartBelly Solar Rubbish Bin benefits

  • Compostable Friendly - Public space compostable collection made with timely collection & enclosed design
  • 240 liters – Designed for lower-capacity scenarios
  • Monitor and report station fullness remotely
  • No electricity is necessary for fullness level sensing or communication with the Bigbelly cloud
  • Configurable Multi-Stream Waste, Single-Stream Recycling, Bottle/Can Recycling, Paper Recycling, Organics (Compost)
  • The flagship hopper design keeps waste contained while deterring pest access and preventing waste overflow and wind-blown litter (For Compost Stations Only)
  • Equip your Bigbelly system with accessories and leverage the real estate as a messaging platform (Wraps, Stickers, Side Panels, Ashtray, Security Shield)
  • Eliminates overflowing rubbish bins
  • Eliminates weekend collections
  • Eliminates birds/vermin scattering rubbish across streets, parks & beaches
  • Available with a huge 240 litre internal rubbish bin

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