As the evolution of smart waste management continues, we are privileged to work on a project of this calibre with such a forward thinking, inclusive and proactive team at the City of Gold Coast.

The following article was featured recently in the Gold Coast Bulletin, by Lea Emery.

WELCOME to the future where even the rubbish bins are wired into the latest technology.

The Gold Coast City Council has gone hi-tech with about 50 garbage bins in Surfers Paradise as a part of a trial to make the rubbish pick up more efficient.

Bins have been fitted with a hi-tech sensor which sends messages to a tablet letting garbage collectors know if the bin needs to be emptied.

“That will save so much time,” the council’s city infrastructure chairwoman Dawn Crichlow said.

At present, waste collectors check every bin on their route to determine if they need emptying.

Garbage workers will now get alerts to their phones when rubbish bins are knocked over.

“Imagine what we can save by a man not having to get in and out of the truck checking the bins?,” she said.

The sensor bins look the same as the council’s current public rubbish bins, with the sensor fitted inside the bin, hidden from view.

The sensors are powered by a lithium-powered battery and the city’s LoRaWAN network, a wireless web specifically for small battery-operated devices.

An alert will also be sent to the council if a bin is at capacity and an officer can be sent to empty it.

Cr Crichlow said the sensors also detected the heat inside the bins, in case of fire.

Smart rubbish bins are being trialled across the country with Melbourne and Adelaide councils among the first to trial them.

Council’s water and waste committee chairman Paul Taylor was unaware of the trial.

“It’s a great idea but we must make sure the bins are still emptied regularly,” he said.

“Even if a rubbish bin is only five per cent full it might still need emptying because of what is in it.”

The trial will end in September next year.

Lea Emery, Gold Coast Bulletin

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