Back in April 2017, Hume City Council began their Smart Waste journey with installation of 3 solar-compacting Bigbelly General Waste stations. The Bigbellys were installed in different high trafficked zones throughout the area with the aim of providing a more efficient ‘smart’ waste management system.

Over the past 12 months, the 3 Bigbellys have compacted their way through an impressive 42,000 litres of waste! Furthermore, since installation, Hume City Council’s monthly waste collections have been reduced by 62% meaning huge operational savings for the Council as well as lower fuel emissions from fewer unnecessary collection trips being made.

The Bigbelly Solar Compactor uses the power of the sun to charge a 12-volt battery which powers a compaction unit inside of the station. This means that as waste fills up inside of the bin, it will eventually reach two, fill-level sensors that are located on either side which in turn trigger the compaction unit to squash the collected waste. The outcome is that the Bigbelly can collect 5 times the amount of waste as a standard 120L wheelie bin!

We look forward to our continued partnership with Hume City council and for helping them to achieve an optimised and more sustainable waste management system for many years to come.

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