In June 2018, I had the pleasure to sit down with Waste Management Review, one of Australia’s leading waste management publications. The team at WMR were writing an article on smart waste management and the changing of the guard in waste management collection. The article covers some of the great work Australian cities and councils are doing in the smart waste space and deep dives into how Georges River, Hume and Wyndham City Councils are gaining more than just efficiency with their smart waste deployments… Please enjoy Chapter 5 of our exclusive 6 part series.

If you missed Chapter 4 – SMART BINS IN VICTORIA, see the following link:

An Intelligent Waste Series – Chapter 5 – SOLAR BINS IN AUSTRALIA

Leon Hayes, Managing Director and Founder of Solar Bins Australia and Smartsensor Australia, says smart bins have a lifespan that provides councils and businesses a much higher return on investment than standard bins.

“When you take into account the efficiency benefits that come from the bins over the lifespan, it significantly outweighs the initial cost.

“A traditional stainless-steel bin generally lasts around five to 10 years, but it doesn’t provide anything further,” Leon says.

“A smart bin provides data to the customer over time, saving them anywhere from $30 to $50 a week per bin in operational savings alone. We’re seeing councils make a return on investment easily within two years of purchase when compared with a standard bin.”

Leon says this type of smart technology is the future, adding that he estimates $2.3 billion will be invested in this technology by 2022.

“Australia has a real opportunity to be a pioneer in adopting it. Over the next five years, I estimate a vast majority of bin manufacturers will be creating smart bins,” he says.

“Solar-powered bins have come a long way since they were first introduced. They’re now self-sustaining hubs with Wi-Fi and can power small cell networks. They’re an integral part of activity in urban centres and connect to a network of waste data collection points.”

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