In June 2018, I had the pleasure to sit down with Waste Management Review, one of Australia’s leading waste management publications. The team at WMR were writing an article on smart waste management and the changing of the guard in waste management collection. The article covers some of the great work Australian cities and councils are doing in the smart waste space and deep dives into how Georges River, Hume and Wyndham City Councils are gaining more than just efficiency with their smart waste deployments… Enjoy the read.

An Intelligent Waste Series Chapter 1 – THE SMART CITY CONCEPT

Smart bins provide data for councils and businesses to maximise efficiencies and improve public health. However, they could also be one of the keys to building a smart city.

Data is one of the building blocks that make a smart city. From real-time information on the next available bus, to tools to improve response times to emergencies, smart cities have the potential to revolutionise the provision of public services. Finding ways of capturing and broadcasting information is the first step to create an interconnected city

Bristol is one example of such innovation. Through its Bristol is Open project, the south-west English city has developed a network of fibre in the ground and a wireless network which incorporates Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and 5G, combined with a radio frequency mesh network of 2000 of the city’s lampposts. This allows for thousands of real-time data applications in sectors such as health, education, local government and other businesses.

But what exactly is a smart city? Some expert organisations, including the UK Government in 2013, have acknowledged there is no absolute definition. According to a background paper by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the concept is static, there is no end point. It is rather a process, or a series of steps, in which cities become more “liveable” through modern digital infrastructure.

What’s your definition of a Smart City?

Please let me know in the comments below and keep an eye out for Chapter 2 – Connecting Cities, out tomorrow on LinkedIn.

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