“We do a lot of manual collection here in Nambucca. We’ve been doing an analysis of our waste and it’s only about 200 tonnes a year. We’re emptying every day, seven days a week and some bins only have one piece of paper in them. We’ve introduced these bins on the main street in Nambucca, some main parks in Belwood Park and Anzac Park in Nambucca Head and also on the river foreshore in Macksville. What we are finding is where we were emptying the bins every day, we are now in some cases getting seven days out of the bins. In other high use areas, like the main street, we are emptying them every second day.”
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Paul Gallagher, Nambucca Shire Council Assistant General Manager of Engineering Service

“Instead of four collections a day, we only need to travel and collect every second day. The system speaks for itself in terms of environmental benefits.”
Michael Wanner, Director of Road and Street Cleaning

“The results have been nothing short of incredible, with waste collection being reduced from seven times per week to two.”
Bill del Vecchio Recycling Director, Georgetown University

“This is a great example of ways the Oregon Zoo is using alternative-energy technology to lower costs and help improve the environment.”
Tony Vecchio Director, Oregon Zoo

“We are thrilled with the stations so far, they embody the very concept of efficiency, sustainability, and smart technology. We love them here in Santa Monica.”
Jim Keezell, Administrator Resource Recovery & Recycling City of Santa Monica

“With our standard trash receptacles we have a real problem with birds dragging trash from the waste baskets and scattering it on the ground. The Bigbelly stations have eliminated that problem.”
Chris Williams, District Supervisor, Douglas County Parks, Trails & Building Grounds

“Using the Bigbelly smart Waste and Recycling System, we have been able to reduce our collections from 9 times daily to one or two times per day.”
Morris Ridgeway, Airport Maintenance Supervisor Mineta San Jose International Airport

“The [BigBelly] solar trash receptacles have to go citywide. It will give us a more productive work force because you don’t have to pick them up every day.”
Mayor Thomas Menino, City of Boston

“The machines are working magnificently. They are better than advertised.”
Jim Burkhardt, Cincinnati Parks Department

” Without question, the BigBelly system has reduced litter and made the city cleaner and more efficient. With the time saved on fewer collections, we can redeploy workers to other important tasks.”
Mayor David Cohen, City of Newton, Massachusetts

“The main thing for a Business Improvement District is you have to make it look neater. New benches and planters are nice, but you have to get rid of the litter. The BigBelly has been terrific for our beautification efforts.”
Marie Torniali, Steinway Street BID, New York City