The Internet of Things (IoT) world continues to evolve at speed. It is unlocking numerous opportunities to accelerate efficiency, sustainability, liveability and economic outcomes across multiple domains including Smart Cities, connected transport and other ‘smart’ infrastructure. This emerging technology is both complex and fast-moving. Understanding the players and what this market offers can prove challenging.

To help de-mystify this challenge, KPMG hosted an IoT Innovation Expo on the 7th June 2018, in Sydney. The Expo focused on Smart Cities, Smart Precincts and Smart Infrastructure. We were privileged to have been invited by KPMG to attend the Expo as an exhibitor, showcasing our revolutionary Smart Waste product, Smartsensor.

In this video Piers Hogarth-Scott, KPMG Australia’s National IoT Practice Leader, speaks to different exhibitors, including Solar Bins Australia.  He explores the range of IoT innovations showcased at the Expo which provided attendees the opportunity to go ‘hands-on’ to see real-life solutions in action – Solar Bins feature at 3.28:

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