Australian owned, designed and manufactured, the Smartsensor ultrasonic sensor and software management dashboard enables waste managers to gain a bird’s-eye view of their waste network, know the fullness levels of rubbish bins and report clearly and accurately in real time.

The sensor device, which is attached to the inside of any rubbish bin or waste container, transmits real-time data on fullness levels of the rubbish bin. The system includes a dedicated rubbish bin mapping and monitoring app and dashboard to map, monitor and maintain every bin and waste management asset deployed within the user’s waste management region.

Using the power of ultrasonic sensors, 3G communication, dynamic dashboards and fullness level alerts, Smartsensor has been created to provide users with deep insights to every rubbish bin deployed in an area, town or city.

Features include: reduce both time and cost in waste management; know the fullness level of all bins, at every moment; monitor rubbish bins and plan routes, no overflowing bins; send up-to-the-minute reports and directions to drivers; comprehensive reporting and analytics tools; software as a service, cloud hosted, scalable and secure; access detailed and historical reports; access from any web-enabled browser or via the app; and Australian-based support and help desk.



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