Townsville CBD now home to Queensland’s largest deployment of Bigbelly Solar Compactors and bin-full level Smartsensors.

Written by Alex McCarthy – Solar Bins Australia



Townsville City Council have recently deployed 12 solar powered rubbish and recycling bins along Gregory Street in the suburb of North Ward as well as 54 Smartsensors along The Strand, which, when placed into standard bins, provide real-time analytics such as bin-fullness level, location, stability and temperature. This recent implementation of connected waste infrastructure aims to assist Townsville City in becoming one of Queensland’s smartest cities.

The Bigbelly Solar Compactors, provided by Solar Bins Australia, use the sun’s energy to power the internal compactor that compresses waste when it is disposed of, reducing the potential for bins to overflow and reducing the number of collection trips.

The Bigbelly’s, which can hold five times as much waste as a conventional 120L wheelie bin, also use cloud technology to alert Council staff when they are full to reduce inspection requirements. By saving service trips, they are estimated to reduce greenhouse emissions related to bin servicing by up to 80 per cent. All waste is collected in a robust, fit for purpose wheeled bin.

Smartsensor, the leading Smart Waste platform, developed by Solar Bins Australia, is the first Australian designed, assembled waste fill level sensor. The robust sensor device transmits real time data on fullness levels of the rubbish bin which attaches to the inside of any rubbish bin or waste container.

The sensor transmits the data to a state-of-the-art software management dashboard which provides a ground breaking smart waste platform for the user. The software enables councils, cities and facilities to gain a total visual of their smart waste deployment on any web enabled device.

Townsville is the most populated city in North Queensland with a growth rate of around 2.3% per annum. As the population grows, it will be beneficial to have more efficient ways for collecting and managing the waste systems.

The aim of the installation is to support innovation, create pick up efficiencies, promote environmental messages in high traffic areas and increase public recycling options.

The Bigbelly bins have been used around the world in New York, Boston and London as well as closer to home in areas like Melbourne and Perth CBD as well as around Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach and Junction.