City of Canada Bay first started using their Bigbelly Solar Compactors back in December 2015, with the aim of creating a more optimised and sustainable waste management system. Eleven Bigbellys were installed in six locations across the City, including the seating area near the entrance to Strathfield Station, at high foot traffic areas along Great North Road in Five Dock and along Henley Marine Drive.

The Bigbelly not only uses the power of the sun to automatically compact and hold five times more waste than a standard wheelie bin, it then sends the team a text or email to let them know the bin is ready for collection. Before Bigbelly installation, City of Canada Bay were collecting their bins seven times a week whereas current collections are made on average twice a week. This equates to a 71% collection reduction, meaning huge operational savings for the council along with cleaner public spaces.

We look forward to our continued partnership with City of Canada Bay and ensuring that they continue to benefit from an optimised smart waste management system for many years to come.